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Dogwood has so many uses it’s hard to find a reason not to add one to your yard. Hardy and cheap, they make great low-maintenance hedges. They offer impressive four-season interest, too, from colorful leaves in spring to brightly-colored branches in winter. These are an excellent pick for meeting a variety of needs in your landscape.


Foliage, Flowers and Branches

Dogwoods come in a wide selection of spring and summer leaf colours. Spring leaves may be green, variegated with white, golden, or even purple. Flowers are white, with white berries coming on in summer.

kesselring-ivory-halo-dogwood-cornus-collage cannoredmonton.ca
However, it’s fall and winter color that really sets dogwood apart. Fall leaves turn shades of red, yellow, pink, or burgundy. In winter, the shapely stems range in color from golden yellow and deep purple to flaming tomato orange and red–a great contrast in a winter landscape.


Mature dogwood shrubs range in height from one meter to 3+ meters tall, depending on variety. They usually grow as wide as they are tall.

Planting Dogwoods for Screening & Privacy

Dogwoods have a fast growth habit. You can use them to solve common issues in your landscape. A few examples:

  • Extend privacy of a 6-foot fence
  • Hide an ugly air conditioning unit
  • Fill in the gaps from a chain link fence

Planting Dogwoods for Fall Interest (Winter, Too!)

Most dogwood varieties have remarkable fall colour. Leaves turn dramatic burgundy, pink, red or yellow. In winter they continue to shine – the branches stand out in the landscape with tones of red, purple, and yellow.

Soil and Water Requirements

Dogwoods are highly adaptable and easy to care for. They commonly tolerate both dry conditions and even some standing water. They have no specific requirements for soil type. Many species are highly tolerant of urban pollution, meaning they can be expected to thrive even in inner city environments.


Low-maintenance gardeners love these: they can be pruned any time.

Plant Features and Usescornus-alba-sibirica-variegata-flowers-photo-credit-netps cannoredmonton.ca

  • Privacy / Screening
  • Ornamental: spring, summer, winter and fall
  • Low-maintenance
  • Hardy, typical lifespan 20 years
  • Inexpensive



Come out to the farm and we’ll help you pick out the perfect dogwood for your home. You can use the Plant Finder here on our web site to browse our selection before you arrive.


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