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Life as a member is better. Here’s why:

Save Every Day

Cannor Club members save 10% off every full price item they purchase: caliper trees, perennials, annuals, shrubs, plants, giftware, fertilizer, ceramic pots, art, and more.

No card or coupons to keep track of; we keep your information on file so you automatically save on every visit.

Discounted Delivery

Our deliveries are priced per drop so we can bring you one tree or twenty at the same low price. With membership: $125 ($50 savings)

Use Our Equipment

Make life easier. Enjoy free use of our rakes and lawn rollers for installing grass seed and sod, caliper tree movers, wheelbarrows, fertilizer/grass seed spreaders, and other tools you’ll need to get your landscaping done quickly and correctly.

Members-Only Events and Sales

Basket Planting Days

Get private access to our greenhouses each spring during this favourite annual tradition. Our huge greenhouses smell amazing and are overflowing with flowers, ready for your containers.

Bring your baskets and pots; we’ll provide free soil, moss, and fertilizer for planting. Use your membership discount to purchase this year’s annuals and perennials at 10% off, then pot them up in your custom planters here.

We water and feed them for you right up to the May long weekend, when you can take them home to enjoy all season long.

This is a favourite activity for friends and family, young couples, moms and kids, multiple generations, girlfriends and new gardeners.

Have oversize pots to fill? We have portable, heavy-duty liners you can plant your flower in to save you from hauling big ceramic planters or large half barrels back and forth. Fill the liners with new soil and fresh plant and then transfer to your pots. At the end of the season you can easily remove them and replant next year.

Trying something new? If you are a new gardener or want to try something different check out our tutorials. These afternoon sessions take place in a quieter environment with plenty of time for one-on-one assistance. Free for members, but make a reservation as space is limited.

Our 2018 Basket Planting Days will be

April 20-25th




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Annual 50% off Member Appreciation Sale

September 8, 2018

One day each year we close our doors to the general public for this members-only exclusive sale. It is huge!
50% off everything! Our biggest Membership Sale to Date! Only current members may shop. 

  • 50% off all plants we don’t overwinter, including: perennials, shrubs, trees, evergreens, fruit trees, and potted plants
  • 50% off designer pots, giftware, and wall art
  • 50% off caliper trees, including big spruce and specialty evergreens
  • 50% off misc. Fertilizer, soil, grass seed, bug control and other products

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