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Be sure to join us here for BASKET DAYS! April 25th-30th, 2019

We promise an incredible selection of stunning hanging baskets, bursting with color!

Just a little something to look forward to during our Winter Season.

To sign up to attend, be sure to email us at – edm@cannor.ca

We look forward to seeing you there!

From all of us here at Cannor Nursery, we would like to take the time to thank you for making this a wonderful season!

Our Retail department is closed from September 30th through approximately April 24th, depending on what weather our Spring Season brings.

If you have any Landscape or Wholesale questions, please contact Daryl directly at 780-499-1546

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you again in the Spring!


During our warm, summer months it’s perfect time to go outdoors and enjoy our surroundings.. Sights, smells, flowers and greenery…Time to drink it all in.

As we all know, that time of the year can be very short here and it’s great to enjoy it while we can. Whether it’s simple or specific ~ A Private Sanctuary or Family Retreat, at Cannor we can help you with all of your ideas for that special outdoor feeling.






Adding balance to your Garden ~ Feng Shui

Feng Shui, going back at least 3000 years, is The Ancient Chinese Art of allowing the flow of  the energy of the universe or Chi (qi), to flow through us and everything around us. The belief of Feng Shui is that by balancing our surroundings properly with earth’s elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water we can have unobstructed energy flow which ultimately leads to prosperity, good fortune, good health and well- being – physically, emotionally and spiritually.

By using a bagua or energy map to guide you, you can create the perfect balance by selecting the proper objects, shapes, plants and spaces to turn your garden into a sanctuary that is both calming and energizing.

Your own special touch ! Garden Decor, Furniture, Solar Lanterns and Chandeliers ~ Bring it all together with outdoor accents and comfort.

Creating that perfect outdoor setting is best when you add the special touches.

Your plants are perfect, the weather delightful and you need the final touches to make it all come together.

Enjoy the evenings with bright and cheery lanterns or chandeliers. Outdoor dining, taking in the last parts of the warm days into the evening, entertaining family and friends – accents like these make it possible… Beautiful, outdoor furniture for your settings brings everyone together to enjoy the labours of love that make this your special place to share.

And don’t forget… garden decor is the way you can finish off the overall “look” and “feel” that makes your home and garden the best place to be. Giving it your personal touch with Garden art and decor really makes everything complete. For any/all styles, we have something special to make that Garden Sanctuary “pop” at Cannor Nursery.

Huge Selection

You’ll find what you need here. As a grower, we give you access to thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit, grasses, vines, ferns, ground cover, roses, evergreens, and more. We stay fully stocked spring through fall so you can shop with us all season long. Count on us: when you need it, we’ll have it ready to plant. […more]

Easy Access

We’re closer than you think! Easy highway access and paved roads (no gravel) brings you to our gorgeous country location. It’s beautiful here, near the Devonian Gardens and Clifford E. Lee bird sanctuary. We’re only 3.5 km from Highway 60, about 15 minutes from the West Edmonton Mall. Shop at the farm and enjoy the countryside. […more]

Expert Assistance

You’ve got questions and our staff has answers. Need help tackling a whole yard landscape or a backyard facelift? Get hands-on assistance at one of our free classes in pruning, planting, growing, and yard design — they’re open to everyone.  […more] 

Life as a member is better. Get 10% off every full-price item, every day. Discounted delivery for one tree, or twenty. Free use of our equipment to get your plants in easily. Admission to our favourite spring event, Basket Days, when you can come down to plant your pots in our greenhouses. One-on-one tutorials. 50% savings during our end-of-season sale.

Wholesale Centre

Our Wholesale Division serves landscapers, developers and contractors. Need a quote for a big project? You’re in the right place. As a grower we offer massive inventory and competitive pricing. If you install landscaping for custom home gardens or large commercial projects, save time and let us deliver to your job site.

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Gardening as therapy for emotional and physical health

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Shop at the Farm – Buy from the Grower

Cannor Nurseries Garden Centre and Wholesale is West Edmonton’s go-to supplier for gardeners of all types. We’re stocked with thousands of trees, shrubs, perennials, fruit, grasses, vines, ferns, ground cover, roses, evergreens, and more.

Everything you buy here will survive and thrive in our dry Zone 3 climate. We’ve grown prairie-hardy plants since 1953, and you can trust our years of experience to pay off when it comes to helping you choose the plants that meet your needs.

Whether you’re a nervous first-time gardener or a busy commercial landscaper, you’ll find what you need at the farm. Come out and see us. We’re ready to guide you to success.