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Do you need help selecting the plants that are right for our Zone 3 growing area. We are your local experts serving the communities surrounding Edmonton.

Our expert staff at the Cannor Nurseries Garden Center supports home gardeners while our wholesale department supplies landscape contractors.

We’ve been growing  prairie hardy plants since 1953. We have the largest selection of caliper trees and shrubs in the area.

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Spring Has Sprung

Dad and Kids Planting

With the last (hopefully) snow on Monday April 30th and the warm thaw on May 1 our plants got a crucial drink of water to help them push leaves. As their roots wake up as the ground thaws you will start to see the leaf buds swell. It is time to think about pruning and clearing out the debris from the fall. Leaves and perennials should be cleaned up. It will help so much with keeping pests from the garden. Right now is a good time to cut out black knot, remember to sterilize with rubbing alcohol or bleach water after each cut and bag up and throw out what you trimmed off.

We are full of annuals and bedding plants and our perennials are ready. Come in and get a big dose of spring. The store looks beautiful.



Cannor Nurseries Ltd. has the largest selection of zone 3 trees, shrubs, and perennials west of Edmonton. We serve both the home owner and landscape contractors. In addition, we supply other retailers with our prairie hardy plants.

Our garden centre stocks a full selection of Ornamental Trees, Caliper Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals. You will find the selection and quantity of plants you are looking for to complete your landscape project. Our Edmonton location draws trees and shrubs from the over 400 acres at our home nursery.

Here at Cannor Nurseries Ltd. we grow a beautiful selection of grafted conifers.  These are trees that keep their green in every season.  We have large evergreens that will comply with front yard landscape regulations. These are specified by height. We carry special items like Spruce, blues spruc, lodgepole pine, scotts pine, siberean and weeping larch, waterii pines, upright juniper, and weeping spruce in large sizes.

Cannor Nurseries Ltd. has a great selection of caliper hardy trees.  Caliper trees are for the customer who needs a large tree to comply with landscape regulations for a new home, if you are looking for a tree to fit into a mature landscape or if you need instant privacy.  A caliper tree is a mature tree that measures 5 centimeters (2 inches) or larger around the base of the trunk of the tree.    We carry caliper trees up to 10 centimeters in select varieties.   Caliper sizing applies to deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the fall.

We have prairie hardy Ornamental Flowering Crab Apples, these are the beautiful pink, red and white flowering trees you see everywhere in the spring.  Some are non-fruiting like Spring Snow and most of the others like Royal Gordon have insignificant, berry sized fruit. Other flowering ornamental trees include, Snow Bird and Toba Hawthorns, Amur Cherry, Mayday, Japanese Tree Lilac and Schubert Chokecherry.  Many of these work very well in small yards. We also have these trees in potted sizes as well.

Swedish Aspen is an example of a hardy deciduous tree that provides quick privacy screening.  We carry this tree in caliper and smaller potted sizes. Other leafy shade trees we carry in caliper and potted sizes; Brandon Elm, Laurel Leaf Willow, Burr Oak, Paper Birch, Linden, and Mountain Ash including the columnar Russian Mountain Ash,

As a grower of hardy, zone 3 trees and shrubs we carry varieties that are suited to the hard winters of the Northern Alberta Climate.  We have a large selection of ornamental potted trees and shrubs.  Look at our Plant Catalogue for our full list.  For the gardener looking for fruit trees and small fruit bushes we carry a large inventory of edible plants; Blueberries, Cherry Trees Apple Trees, Saskatoon, Asparagus, and much more.

Our gift shop carries a large variety pots and statuary from all over the world as well as unique gift ideas. We focus on fair trade when possible.  Folk Art, Unique Mexican Ceramic Pots, Haitian Metal Wall Art and Garden Décor will make your outdoor space reflect your personal taste.

Our expert staff is always available to assist you in making your plant purchasing decisions.

Shop at the Farm. Buy Direct from the Grower.

Address: 26515A Township Road 514 (Woodbend Road) Spruce Grove Alberta, T7Y 1G1

Directions: Between Spruce Grove and Devon off of Highway 60 on Woodbend Road (Twp Rd. 514) (Just north west of the Devonian Gardens)


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