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Do you need help selecting the plants that are right for our Zone 3 growing area?  We are your local experts serving the communities surrounding Edmonton.

Our expert staff at the Cannor Nurseries Garden Center supports home gardeners while our wholesale department supplies landscape contractors.

We’ve been growing  prairie hardy plants since 1953. Cannor Nurseries has the largest selection of caliper trees, potted trees, shrubs and perennials west of Edmonton.

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What is New For Spring

We are looking forward to Spring and have lots of new plants to share with you! Use our plant finder to take a look at what we are bringing to the nursery this year.


Artemesia ‘Ever Goldy’ – Similar to Silver Mound with the soft feathery foliage but this perennial has a beautiful gold colour.

Bleeding Heart ‘Love Hearts’ – This dwarf Bleeding Heart produces creamy white heart-shaped flowers with a hint of pink and blue-green foliage. It has a long flowering season.

Campanula ‘Genti Twisterbell’ (Bellflower) – Producing unique blue and white bicolour blooms, this Bellflower has an extended summer flowering time as it blooms the first time in late spring then reblooms in the summer.

Daylilies ‘Blackberries and Cream’ – This stunning reblooming Daylily has cream-lavender flowers with a dark purple eye.

‘Diva’s Choice’ – Another reblooming Daylily, this one produces violet-red flowers with a yellow ruffled edge and a green throat. Lovely!

Delphinium ‘Black Eyed Angels’ – This tall, sturdy Delphinium has flowers that are brilliant white with a black bee. It may rebloom if cut back after the first flowering. One of my favourite perennials!

Echinacea ‘Sombrero Hot Coral’ – This Echinacea produces large hot orange-red single flowers for a non-stop summer bloom. Very showy!

Hosta ‘Abiqua Drinking Gourd’ (2014 Hosta of the Year) – Medium-large puckered powder blue leaves that are deeply cupped make this Hosta a great choice for the shade. Very slug resistant.

Lily ‘Flore pleno’ – A Tiger Lily with double, vibrant orange flowers with black spots that will get your neighbours talking! Very different!

                ‘Sunny Grenada’ – This dwarf Oriental Lily has dark burgundy red flower with a bright white edge and is heavily spotted. It will produce 5-7 flowers per stem. Wow!

Peony ‘Precher’ – Flowers on this Peony emerge soft pink then fade to white. Strong sweet fragrance!

                ‘Sequestered Sunshine’ – A Itoh Peony (a Tree Peony and Herbaceaous cross) that will produce huge yellow blooms. Limited quantities available.

Primula ‘Kennedy Irish Innisfree’ – A new Primula with clusters of rich red flowers, yellow centres and crinkled deep bronze-purple foliage. Blooms in early spring.

Sedum ‘Dazzleberry’ – This low growing Sedum has blue-purple foliage, a compact growth habit and huge clusters of bright raspberry red flowers. Great in a rock garden!

Switch Grass ‘Northwind’ (2014 Perennial of the Year) – This beautiful grass has a study and upright form with wide blue-green foliage. It will produce tan plumes in last summer and golden yellow fall colour. Great for winter interest as well.


Maple Deborah Norway – This large tree has bright red new growth which turns to green in the summer then back to red for the fall. Large maple leaf shaped leaves!

Poplar Northwest – While not a new tree for the area, it is new to Cannor. Northwest Poplar makes a great shade or shelterbelt tree. It has a shapely oval form and is fast growing. Beautiful yellow fall colour.

Juniper Gold Coast Topiary – This hardy juniper is now available in a Topiary Form which is a great feature item for your front yard. This juniper has layers of lacy, golden tipped foliage. Regular pruning to maintain the topiary form is required.

Pine Blue Mound Swiss Stone – This pine has a tight conical shape with nice silver-blue needles. It is very slow growing and has a low mounding habit. A rock garden gem!

Pine Weeping White – This Eastern White Pine has long blue-green needles that cascade from twisting, pendulous branches. Form will vary between plants. The weeping habit makes it a great feature tree.

Chokeberry Autumn Magic Black – This compact shrub has white blooms in late summer, brilliant red fall colour and black ornamental fruit. Great for a low hedge!

Barberry Concorde – A dwarf globe shaped Barberry with red new foliage maturing to purple. Great in a full sun area that gets regular moisture.

Rose Bill Reid – From the Canadian Artist series, this beautiful 1m tall rose has clusters of bright yellow double flowers all summer.

Azalea Candy Lights – A new Azalea with extremely fragrant, light pink flowers with pale yellow streaks. Needs a protected East exposure.

Azalea Fireball – Brilliant, fiery red flowers cover this beautiful Azalea in late spring! It truly looks like a fireball. Stunning!

Cherry Valentine – Part of the Romance series, this sour cherry has medium sized red fruit which is great for canning, preserves, and baking.

What is New For Spring!


Cannor Nurseries Ltd. has the largest selection of zone 3 trees, shrubs, and perennials west of Edmonton. We serve both the home owner and landscape contractors. In addition, we supply other retailers with our prairie hardy plants.

Our garden centre stocks a full selection of Ornamental Trees, Caliper Trees, Evergreens, Shrubs, Perennials and Annuals. You will find the selection and quantity of plants you are looking for to complete your landscape project. Our Edmonton location draws trees and shrubs from the over 400 acres at our home nursery.

Here at Cannor Nurseries Ltd. we grow a beautiful selection of grafted conifers.  These are trees that keep their green in every season.  We have large evergreens that will comply with front yard landscape regulations. These are specified by height. We carry special items like Spruce, blues spruc, lodgepole pine, scotts pine, siberean and weeping larch, waterii pines, upright juniper, and weeping spruce in large sizes.

Cannor Nurseries Ltd. has a great selection of caliper hardy trees.  Caliper trees are for the customer who needs a large tree to comply with landscape regulations for a new home, if you are looking for a tree to fit into a mature landscape or if you need instant privacy.  A caliper tree is a mature tree that measures 5 centimeters (2 inches) or larger around the base of the trunk of the tree.    We carry caliper trees up to 10 centimeters in select varieties.   Caliper sizing applies to deciduous trees which lose their leaves in the fall.

We have prairie hardy Ornamental Flowering Crab Apples, these are the beautiful pink, red and white flowering trees you see everywhere in the spring.  Some are non-fruiting like Spring Snow and most of the others like Royal Gordon have insignificant, berry sized fruit. Other flowering ornamental trees include, Snow Bird and Toba Hawthorns, Amur Cherry, Mayday, Japanese Tree Lilac and Schubert Chokecherry.  Many of these work very well in small yards. We also have these trees in potted sizes as well.

Swedish Aspen is an example of a hardy deciduous tree that provides quick privacy screening.  We carry this tree in caliper and smaller potted sizes. Other leafy shade trees we carry in caliper and potted sizes; Brandon Elm, Laurel Leaf Willow, Burr Oak, Paper Birch, Linden, and Mountain Ash including the columnar Russian Mountain Ash,

As a grower of hardy, zone 3 trees and shrubs we carry varieties that are suited to the hard winters of the Northern Alberta Climate.  We have a large selection of ornamental potted trees and shrubs.  Look at our Plant Catalogue for our full list.  For the gardener looking for fruit trees and small fruit bushes we carry a large inventory of edible plants; Blueberries, Cherry Trees Apple Trees, Saskatoon, Asparagus, and much more.

Our gift shop carries a large variety pots and statuary from all over the world as well as unique gift ideas. We focus on fair trade when possible.  Folk Art, Unique Mexican Ceramic Pots, Haitian Metal Wall Art and Garden Décor will make your outdoor space reflect your personal taste.

Our expert staff is always available to assist you in making your plant purchasing decisions.

Shop at the Farm. Buy Direct from the Grower.

Address: 26515A Township Road 514 (Woodbend Road) Spruce Grove Alberta, T7Y 1G1

Directions: Between Spruce Grove and Devon off of Highway 60 on Woodbend Road (Twp Rd. 514) (Just north west of the Devonian Gardens)



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